There are several ways to contribute to Twin Flight:

  1. YouTube channel- PayPal button (Blessings Jar): Any amount- once or monthly
  2. Etsy- Store
  3. Ophi Hawk- Website
  4. Patreon

Twin Flight is a proud participant of Patreon, because it offers some level of privacy. Together we go through a journey through chakra work (physical healing) and shadow work (mental healing). We use the Etsy products, and other activities to create a customized document to “discover” who are you. This document can be used to “remember” who you are later in life, when you might feel lost.

Ophi Hawk follows a 13 chakra system, and encourages you to review more details on this topic in her other website focused purely on chakras (Aeon Gardens):

Twin flight is intended to empower leaders to face areas of their life they are in denial about (called shadow work). Once they address inner change, they will have the courage to face outter change. It is recommended to do chakra work before shadow work, which is the focus of Patreon, using the products sold on both Etsy shops (Twin Fligth/Aeon Gardens), and other activities.

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